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About Company

Founded in the Year 2016, as a private limited company, Partner For Technology justifying its initial existence has stretched its hands out as a technology consultants for the startups. With the State-of - the -Art Technology and with the meticulously trained professional staff, Partner For Technology fuels the business visionaries' growth engine with assured business application development - based quotes by automating and orchestrating the complete enterprise lifecycle from lead to care.
Our apps have been worked with the most innovative mobile & web technologies accessible, giving significant features counting GPS mapping and fencing, social networking, barcode scanning, Bluetooth integration, RFID, chat functions, video calling, and much more.

Partner For Technology is setting the new standards & redefining the brand chemistry in the marketplace, thus is shaping new forms of customer value. It's vigilant ability to see change & adapt to it implies that Partner For Technology is keeping ahead of the game. That is, being a technology consultant - high performance delivered.

Services Packages

From design and development to branding and analytics, we do it all. Plug In Into The Stream Of Sublime Services.



We give life to your ideas - helps generating revenue through effective online presence. To us MATTERS making unique brand experience with technological advancements.



We mix art with technology to deliver impeccable development solutions. Everything from development, to design we help raise venture capital, & improve business efficiency.



Our technologically advanced solutions (the web & mobile app development) help keep your sales reps; marketing team directed on loading up the sales pipeline.



Our ingenious development tools and integrated Plugins allow you to respond confidently to customer inquiries & achieve goals at any stage of your business.

Our Vision

We make your startup think, talk and perform like a business.We espouse and foster the startups to embrace the technology for evolving & mushrooming with us, as our technology partner.

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