"At Partner for Technology, We believe in doing it 'Right’ at the very first time!" Our mission is to deliver technology-enabled solutions that meet our customer’s business needs like - Design, redesign, support, integration and maintenance of custom software. We are ready to go an extra mile to be always at hand when support, maintenance or our creative activity to perform design or redesign is required.
  1. time-line

    PHASE 1Pre-planning for how to build an app

    PHASE 2Mental prototyping / discovery

    PHASE 3Technical feasibility assessment

    PHASE 4Tactile refinement of use cases

    PHASE 5Design your app and prepare for development

    PHASE6 Build your mobile app with agile practices

    PHASE 7Test your mobile app

    PHASE 8Launch – you built an app!

  2. time-line

    PHASE 1Review, Assessment and Analysis

    PHASE 2Specification Building

    PHASE 3Design and development

    PHASE 4Content writing

    PHASE 5Coding

    PHASE6 Testing

    PHASE 7SEO and Social Media Optimization

    PHASE 8Maintenance and Updating

  3. time-line

    PHASE 1Roadmap Gathering

    PHASE 2Information Gathering

    PHASE 3Planning

    PHASE 4Development

    PHASE 5Testing & Delivery

    PHASE6 Maintainence

  4. time-line
  5. time-line
    eCommerce Web Development

    PHASE 1Decide on your domain

    PHASE 2Choose the right platform

    PHASE 3Design your store

    PHASE 4Set up payments

    PHASE 5Add products

    PHASE6 Look after SEO and analytics

    Extra Credit: Market Your Website